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Wowos Parent Club (WPC) Webinar with Zibuse L. Kunene

27 October 2020


Molweni Shareholders and Wowos, 


I hope you are all doing well. 


In case you missed it, the first Wowos Parent Club (WPC) Webinar with Zibuse L. Kunene – the Founder of Conversations with Friends and Member of Dads in the Picture took place this evening. The talk was powerful. Zibu spoke about parenting today. Follow this link and catch this conversation:  


Zibuse has set the standard very high. If you are going to be a speaker in Wowos Club, please watch the recording. 




Wowos Career Engaging Club and Wowos Business Club

19 October 2020


Molweni Shareholders and Wowos, 


According to Kufour, former President of Ghana, “Sub-Sahara Africa’s population is expected to hit 1.5 billion by 2050 when the world’s population will be about 7 billion”. In that address, dating back to 2010, he also stated that the percentage of Africa’s working age population will rise to 65% and therefore job creation will be imperative. It is for this reason that we established two cohorts in Wowos Club. The first cohort is Wowos Career Engaging Club aimed at fast-tracking Wowos to build professional careers. The second cohort is Wowos Business Club, aimed, not only to fast-track Wowos businesses, but to open opportunities for Wowos to get jobs. 


If you are a business owner in Wowos and you require certain services, please share these with us and let us employ a Wowo! For example, some of the services that Wowos are willing to do for your business are: 


  1. Virtual Executive Personal Assistant (VEPA) – let me know if you are looking for a VEPA for your business or personal life; 
  2. Tax Submission – let me know if you are looking for Tax Consultant for yourself or your business; 



There are more cellphones than #television in SouthAfrica

Molweni Shareholders and Wowos, 


According to eNCA, “There are more cellphones than #television in SouthAfrica”. 


What does this mean? What does it mean for Wowos Business Club Members? 


You have to agree that this means that as business leaders we need to remain relevant and leverage the benefits of changes in technology. Wowos Business Club is about serving society working and to make money. We must ensure that we make Wowos customers feel important. But above all, as Thabo Mbeki once stated, “we must further encourage innovation among our people and insure that we introduce new developments into our productive activities”. The innovative and creative ways, we come up with, must solve Africa’s problems. 


Kamga (2017: 42) asserts that the leader that gives herself/himself to innovation “will always have a competitive edge”. What we need to do as Wowos is to continuously learn as knowledge and innovation go together. This is why we have a cohort of mentoring, known as Wowos Mentor & Mentee Club (WMMC). Please do join the club and mentor someone if you are good in a particular skill or sector. You are also welcome to join us as a mentee and advise us of what kind of a mentor you are looking for. 



Dreams own Directions

14 October 2020


Molweni Shareholders and Wowos, 


Thought of the day: “Know what you want to achieve and focus the attention on that. You can’t be all things to all people. Be what you can and let others be what they can in a complimentary way” – Ngambi (2011). 


I urge Wowos to practise the thought of the day. I have only selected one D from her seven Ds. The one above is about Dreams own Directions. Share with us what you want to achieve. You can even share with us what you have achieved this year – it was not an easy year for most of us! 


We must never forget the mission and vision of Wowos Club. Recently, we have seen how the club has managed to adapt under difficult Covid-19 times. We must continue to create, mix & mash and share data and information as widely as possible. It is for such reasons that we continue with cohorts like Wowos Culture and Language Club (WCLC) which remind us that languages are an integral part of what we do. 


Cohorts like WPSC will continue to build relationships across racial and gender difference in Wowos Club. While this cohort remains the most vibrant cohort in Wowos Club, we need to interact and communicate effectively with each other and lower the noise (i.e. breakdown in communication). WPSC is composed of leadership that can lead the country and therefore we expect the leadership in this cohort to showcase such. The direct positive output from WPSC needs to feed to the Congress for African Democracy & Economic Liberties (CADEL) and drive the policy-making of this new political party that can lead South Africans.





The Era of Knowledge Economy and Forth Industrial Revolution (4IR)

18 April 2020

Dear Shareholders and Wowos, 

I hope you are all doing well and safe. 

Tonight I am reflecting on the topic of what then post Covid-19 and I am reminded of the article that I wrote on 17 November 2019 titled, “The Era of Knowledge Economy and Forth Industrial Revolution (4IR): the need to learn new skills. In that article, available here:, I stated, “Developing countries, such as ours with an unemployment rate of over 29%, need to take note that there will be less and less need for building factories which employ large number of unskilled workers as AI and robotics advances year after year (Ford, 2019). Fernando (2019, p. 33) argues that developing countries must, “face the new reality, accept the job loss and consider encouraging companies to move into new industries that emerge due to AI””


I then concluded as follows in that article: 


“There is a lot of work and success that has been done and achieved in AI, ML and cognitive computing. However, there is an opportunity in this space and technology development, particularly for data analysts, and judging by the table above, there are still plenty of jobs and careers that remain on demand and that robots will need assistance from.”




Protect yourself

We urge Wowos to: 


  1. Protect yourself (wear a mask (e.g. Wowos Club Mask), practise social distancing, sanitise and wash your hands (use Wowos Service Providers), don’t touch face, cough into elbow, use a tissue when sneezing); 
  2. Correct method (six point – 20 seconds) for washing of hands – we are looking for a Wowos video to demonstrate this. Record and get a gift voucher from the Founder; 
  3. Sharing of equipment between you, colleagues, family members, and children must be discouraged; 
  4. Supply your children with their own hand sanitiser for frequent use throughout the day.




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