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Happy Freedom Day Wowos

Happy Freedom Day to everyone. Thank you to all of you for remaining Wowos Club Members and ensuring that our club remains sustainable. A special thanks goes to our Shareholders and Diamond Donors respectively who have contributed to the relief fund for Wowos Club Members. We urge you to continue to contribute to the call if you have not done so. 


The focus today is on first-time managers. Are you a manager? How do you manage others? 


In their book, titled, “The Leadership Pipeline – how to build the leadership powered company”, Charan, Drotter and Noel (2011: 17) wrote, “First-time managers need to learn how to reallocate their time so that they not only complete their assigned work but also help others perform effectively. They cannot allocate all of their time to putting out fires, seizing opportunities, and handling tasks themselves. They must shift from “doing” work to getting work done through others”. 

As President Ramaphosa said today, on this Freedom Day, “brick by brick, let’s build this country”. 

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