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Happy Workers’ Day

1 May 2021



Today, we celebrated the International Workers’ Day in South Africa. Wowos Club would like to salute all the members who are hard workers of this country and we salute you all today, especially those who are our front-line workers – the health workers, retail personnel, police, and security services. 

In their book, “The Leadership Pipeline – how to build the leadership powered company”, Charan, Drotter and Noel (2011: 20) wrote, “Coaching is also essential at this level because first-line managers frequently don’t receive formal training in how to be a manager; they’re dependent on their bosses to instruct them on the job. Coaching requires time – they need to go through the instruction performance feedback cycle with their people repeatedly before lessons sink in – and some managers aren’t willing to reallocate their time in this way. In many organisations, coaching ability isn’t rewarded (and the lack of it isn’t penalized). It’s no wonder that relatively few managers view coaching as mission-critical”. 



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