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Start professing words that give life into your lives

As you know we celebrated 22 years as a club. I am taking you back to an article that was written in May 2010. Our then Senior Editor, Babalwa Ursula Mabope, wrote as follows (I needed to hear this today):  ATT:   WONGA NTSHINGA
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Article: May 2010 


Start professing words that give life into your lives

“There is a miracle in your mouth. If you want to change your world, start by changing your words”. These are powerful words. They are so powerful that they should apply to all of us. What you are about to read below is nothing new but a reminder.

All things start with a thought. “ I want to have a good relationship with my family”; “I want to apply for a new position at my work”; “I want a new car”; “I want to be able to retire young”; “ I want to mentor someone, be a blessing in their lives“; “I deserve a better life”. However imagine if our thoughts were negative words such as; “but I can’t have all of that, I’m not that good of a person, I just don’t think I deserve anything good in my life”. 

It is true that what we profess with our lips does come true. When we don’t see the cup half full, are always whining and speaking negatively we will receive just that, that which is average. Calling something into being is important in determining whether we will in actual fact receive what is above average, nothing but good things. In our tongue lies the power for success or failure in our lives.

I’m careful not to say negative things about myself or being defeated before I even get started. I cringe when I hear people refer to themselves in a negative way, labeling themselves in derogatory words.  

I do not let someone speak ill of my future, in fact I do not listen to such people. I AM a wonderful woman of God who is deserving of wonderful things, that God wishes to give to me regardless what the world says. 

I call what isn’t as though it was. I speak well of my future. I receive what I want before I can actually receive it in the physical form. I live with the faith and belief that I am deserving of good things. This has nothing to do with the mistakes I have made.

Among other things negative words breathe insecurity. When we profess negative words we draw from an impure spirit. A negative and infectious spirit that leads to self-destruction. Through our negative words the enemy declares a reign of terror in our lives. You are giving him a foothold, ruin and confusion he will create. He will attack your self-esteem and confidence. How do you give yourself permission to belittle yourself and use your tongue to declare the impossibility in your life? do you look at your negative/disabilities and let them define who you are? 

Do you belittle your creativity and gifts? If so, then how do you expect to prosper and see greatness which is inside of you? STOP sowing a bad seed and start reaping success, good health, better relationships and a great life. Perhaps everyday you need to proclaim; “I am of God”; I am great“; “I am intelligent“, “I am a hard worker“; “I am a good father/mother” “I am a good daughter/son and “I am a good sister/brother/friend”. It is time we professed how good we are and claim our favour and blessings from God without expecting Him not to answer your prayers. If you are battling a sickness believe and profess that you are healed. If you are in debt believe and profess that you are debt free, nothing is holding you back. The power is in your tongue, believe it!    

Joel Osteen says; Quit complaining that nothing good ever happens to you and start declaring; “Everything I touch prospers and succeeds”. We must stop cursing the darkness. Let’s start commanding the light to come”.

With that being said, let us look at positive words we can say when faced with challenges. Let us consider the following:

- “This too shall pass, I am well on my way”;
- “I am a champion, a conqueror”;
- “I am a good leader”;
- “no mountain is too high for me to climb”;
- “I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me”;
- “my husband/wife/partner can’t get enough of me”
I wish you all a glorious and fruitful life. May you speak pleasant words of wisdom, encouraging words that bring flavor to and amend your broken relationships!

Thank you for listening

Babalwa Ursula Mabope
Senior Editor
Wowo’s Club   

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