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There are more cellphones than #television in SouthAfrica

Molweni Shareholders and Wowos, 


According to eNCA, “There are more cellphones than #television in SouthAfrica”. 


What does this mean? What does it mean for Wowos Business Club Members? 


You have to agree that this means that as business leaders we need to remain relevant and leverage the benefits of changes in technology. Wowos Business Club is about serving society working and to make money. We must ensure that we make Wowos customers feel important. But above all, as Thabo Mbeki once stated, “we must further encourage innovation among our people and insure that we introduce new developments into our productive activities”. The innovative and creative ways, we come up with, must solve Africa’s problems. 


Kamga (2017: 42) asserts that the leader that gives herself/himself to innovation “will always have a competitive edge”. What we need to do as Wowos is to continuously learn as knowledge and innovation go together. This is why we have a cohort of mentoring, known as Wowos Mentor & Mentee Club (WMMC). Please do join the club and mentor someone if you are good in a particular skill or sector. You are also welcome to join us as a mentee and advise us of what kind of a mentor you are looking for. 



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