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Part 2: Having a major purpose in life (Wowos 5AM Club)

Good Afternoon Wowos, 


“We have a purpose in life” – T D Jakes 


As you may know, Celeste Williams wrote as follows to us: 


“I really don’t know what my purpose is, never mind the purpose of life; sometimes I just feel like I am on autopilot because there are many aspects of…

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Challenges Facing Africa and Nature of African Conflicts

Earlier today In Wowos Political Science Club (WPSC) we discussed the issue of Malema and the African Union debate or argument or should I say fighting. This fighting made me to look deeper into the challenges facing Africa and the Nature of African conflicts. During the WPSC debate, I was also chal…

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Start professing words that give life into your lives

As you know we celebrated 22 years as a club. I am taking you back to an article that was written in May 2010. Our then Senior Editor, Babalwa Ursula Mabope, wrote as follows (I needed to hear this today):  ATT:   WONGA NTSHINGA
           WOWO’S CLUB

Article: May 2010 



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Happy Workers’ Day

1 May 2021



Today, we celebrated the International Workers’ Day in South Africa. Wowos Club would like to salute all the members who are hard workers of this country and we salute you all today, especially those who are our front-line workers – the health workers, retail personnel, pol…

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Happy Freedom Day Wowos

Happy Freedom Day to everyone. Thank you to all of you for remaining Wowos Club Members and ensuring that our club remains sustainable. A special thanks goes to our Shareholders and Diamond Donors respectively who have contributed to the relief fund for Wowos Club Members. We urge you to continue to…

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Wowos Parent Club (WPC) Webinar with Zibuse L. Kunene

27 October 2020


Molweni Shareholders and Wowos, 


I hope you are all doing well. 


In case you missed it, the first Wowos Parent Club (WPC) Webinar with Zibuse L. Kunene – the Founder of Conversations with Friends and Member of Dads in the Picture took place this evening. …

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Wowos Career Engaging Club and Wowos Business Club

19 October 2020


Molweni Shareholders and Wowos, 


According to Kufour, former President of Ghana, “Sub-Sahara Africa’s population is expected to hit 1.5 billion by 2050 when the world’s population will be about 7 billion”. In that address, dating back to 2010, he also stated that t…

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There are more cellphones than #television in SouthAfrica

Molweni Shareholders and Wowos, 


According to eNCA, “There are more cellphones than #television in SouthAfrica”. 


What does this mean? What does it mean for Wowos Business Club Members? 


You have to agree that this means that as business leaders we need to remain re…

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Dreams own Directions

14 October 2020


Molweni Shareholders and Wowos, 


Thought of the day: “Know what you want to achieve and focus the attention on that. You can’t be all things to all people. Be what you can and let others be what they can in a complimentary way” – Ngambi (2011). 


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The Era of Knowledge Economy and Forth Industrial Revolution (4IR)

18 April 2020

Dear Shareholders and Wowos, 

I hope you are all doing well and safe. 

Tonight I am reflecting on the topic of what then post Covid-19 and I am reminded of the article that I wrote on 17 November 2019 titled, “The Era of Knowledge Economy and Forth Industrial Revolution (4IR): the…

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Protect yourself

We urge Wowos to: 


  1. Protect yourself (wear a mask (e.g. Wowos Club Mask), practise social distancing, sanitise and wash your hands (use Wowos Service Providers), don’t touch face, cough into elbow, use a tissue when sneezing); 
  2. Correct method (six point – 20 seconds) for washing of hands …

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