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Wowos Book Club (WBC)

The book cohort is a new initiative that we have undertaken within Wowos Club. WBC was created to encourage our members to read. You can join the cohort on WhatsApp. 


We have a line-up of books that members need to read and discuss. We need to meet at least once a month and/or each time a book has been completed to discuss. It is vital that all members stick to the deadlines and also suggest dates and venues where we could meet to discuss the books. During a lockdown, all sessions will be conducted virtually.   


Previous Meetings: 


31 January 2023: Book for Review: Closing the Gap - Professor Tshilidzi Marwala (Dr Mtsweni gave his review account. Facilitator: Zibuse Kunene). The Presentation is now available here. The recording is available here.  


Next Meetings: 


February 2023: Book to be read by all members: How to have a beautiful mind - Edward de Bono (members must complete the book on 28 February 2023). 


Meeting (or Virtual Meetings) dates will be announced closer to or after the due date. 


Do let us know if you want us to add your favourite book. It can even take a slot for March 2023.