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Remember, transfer costs are paid by the buyer of the property, to a conveyancing attorney who is appointed by the seller of the property. Bond registration fees, on the other hand, are paid to the bond attorney, who is appointed by the bank to register the bond in the homebuyer’s name.


Buying in Sectional Titles

When buying in sectional titles, always consider the following five major points and questions:


1.         Levies of the complex/home association. How much are the levies? 

2.         How much reserves does the complex/body corporate have, and how regularly do they increase their levies? 

3.         Reserves are essential and can be used to measure the management of the complex by the trustees. 

4.         What improvements and maintenance work has been done in the last year or two? 

5.         What are the levies covering exactly? For example, levies in other complexes cover water usage, security (armed and response), biometrics systems, etc.