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I Am Tired



I just feel like engaging us today. Perhaps this is not the best platform to air this opinion. But I am tired myself. 


I would like to ask, what exactly is the usefulness of Africa's Universities and higher institutions of learning to Africa? What product are we producing in Africa that benefits Africa and the world? Why are we comfortable with being consumers and not producers? 


Why are our governments in Africa not funding technology incubations?


We have experts in every area, Professors everywhere, PhD holders everywhere, but what do these translate to?


Europeans remove the boundaries among their countries to collaborate and bring about developments to themselves. Same thing America has done. Asia has done the same thing. But the boundary the Europeans placed on us as Africans still exists. Hence, we cannot form formidable collaborations regarding applied research and development.


I will continue raising this issue until somebody hears my voice and take this further. I may not be involved, but I hope to see developments in Africa in my lifetime.


By: Dr Olalekan Samuel

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