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Ditaba Moeketsi - President of Wowos Club Communique


Good afternoon family


Professionally I am in construction & we often struggle with water, especially in rural areas. 


Two months ago, it was scorched & not having water meant we could not work & we needed to. I then spoke to God silently, asking for water. It was on Thursday & God answered my prayers. It rained the whole weekend & stopped on Sunday so we could return to work on Monday. 


Last week we ran out of water where I am staying. After my brother's dilemma that I reported on some platform of Wowos, I was worried we didn't have enough water to wash the blankets and clean the blood in the house & again as I asked God to give us water (mind you, it is in the middle of winter), the rain came pouring. These events are fresh in my mind, some I become aware of long after they have passed. 


Today I have a function to attend in Bloemfontein. My colleague & I decided to drive this morning instead of having left yesterday. I am in the program. When I saw the accident earlier, I got worried & I again spoke to myself & said 'ooh no, I am going to be late & now I am going to disrupt the program'. I don't like being late. Time is one of the things I respect; I would rather be too early than be late. 


I decided to take a picture of the accident scene and send them to the organisers to inform them of what was happening because the road was closed. Immediately after sending the pictures, one of the police officers followed me to the car we were driving & he asked me if I could pass if he made way for me, but on the grass, of course, & I immediately said yes. He voluntarily went forward, asking a few cars before me to make a way so I could pass. I am looking at this & as speechless as I am; I am thinking God is shining here & he is showing me if you believe in him, nothing is impossible. It is like I am dreaming, guys. 


I have so many testimonies of his love for me; I am forever in a wow moment. I love him so much 🫶🏼


Ditaba Moeketsi

Wowos Club President 

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