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The last 20 minutes of this interview will make you think again. Listen very closely to what Jada is asking Steven. Take a listen to this podcast: Jada also touches on intimacy. 


Zukav and Francis (2001:112-114) define intimacy as the measure of the energy that leaves your energy system in love and trust. We are designed to be intimate - caring, sensitive, and loving toward one another. When you are intimate, you are fulfilled. The first intimacy is gratifying and joyful. You feel open to your life and to others. You look forward to being with others. You care about them. You feel connected to them, even if they do not feel connected to you. You are interested in them. You appreciate them, and you appreciate that they are in your life.


The second experience, lack of intimacy, is painful. People appear to you as objects. You are not interested in what they feel or think except when it affects you. You are more concerned with things, such as a new car or a better job than you are with people. Activities like finishing a project or achieving a goal are more important to you than people. Everything is more important to you than people unless you need them to accomplish what you want. 


May you find your gratifying and joyful intimacy, Wowos. 


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