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In his book, “The 5 AM Club”, Robin Sharma wrote as follows: 


“And, about your point about being addicted to technology, just remember that intelligently used, it advances human progress. Through using technology wisely, our lives become better, our knowledge becomes richer, and our wonderful world becomes smaller. It’s the misuse of technology that’s ruining people’s minds, damaging their productivity and destroying the very fabric of our society. Your phone is costing you your fortune, you know? If you’re playing with it all day long.” - Robin Sharma (The 5 AM Club)


Steve Biko wrote as follows in his book, titled “I Write What I Like”: 


“We must seek to restore to the black people a sense of the great stress we used to lay on the value of human relationships, to highlight the fact that in the pre-Van Riebeeck days, we had a high regard for people, their property and for life in general; to reduce the hold of technology over man and to reduce the materialistic element that is slowly creeping into the African character”. 


I have put a lens on both Sharma and Biko because of their explanation regarding technology and how we should be careful of technology. I would love to hear your view. 


Thank you for reading, and good night. 


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