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16 September 2022, 
Good Evening Wowos, 
Robin Sharma wrote, “When Mahatma Gandhi died, he had about ten possessions, including his sandals, a watch, eyeglasses and a simple bowl to eat from. Mother Teresa, so prosperous of heart and rich with the authentic power to influence millions, died in a tiny room containing almost no worldly goods. When she’d travel, she’d carry all her things in a white cloth bag”. 

Please listen to this podcast:
We are looking for you to:
1.    sleep on the floor at least one night per month; 
2.    fast once a week per year (our start). 
3.    possess only ten items in this world like Mahatma Gandhi; 
The idea of this, Wowos, is to keep us strong, disciplined, and focused. 
Let me know which option you will take. 
Good night, all. 
The text above is inspired by the book The 5 a.m. Club. Join the 5 AM Club here.

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