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We do not have an ideal benchmark for a competent and good President

Unfortunately, for us as a country, we do not have an ideal benchmark for a competent and good President. President Mandela ushered us into a democracy and a rainbow nation, which a majority believed was a good idea at the time. Today, almost everyone can poke holes and do into his Presidency.

Under President Mbeki, we saw growth in the economy. However, his stance around HIV/AIDS tainted his tenure, and he was regarded as aloof and was recalled. 

Then came President Zuma, who came into the Presidency under a cloud of controversy that continued throughout his tenure. The economy deteriorated, and we saw state capture becoming a theme. 

When President Ramaphosa came in, he gave us hope and sold us a dream, a fairy 🧚‍♀️ tale, and soon the wheels came off the bus. He has been slow in making decisions and deferred his decision-making to committees and commissions. 

Is President Ramaphosa incompetent? What measure does one use to determine incompetence? In my view, if we look at his slowness in making decisions and where our economic growth has been lately (albeit the slight growth in recent quarters), he is not the President we need right now. And if you asked who we need now, I don't know. If you wondered what kind of a President do we need right now? I'd say one who is not afraid to get into trouble. 

We need a President who is and will be patriotic. We need a President who will be decisive and reasonably clean because one does not ascend to that office without some scandals in the closet. We need a leader who will lead us to where the country must go, even if we do not know it. We need a leader who will prioritise our country's well-being over the satisfaction of the minority. We need a President who will not compromise themselves and their integrity at the altar of convenience.

Zibuse L Kunene 

Wowos Club Shareholder 

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